Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Thanks for all your prayers. We are all doing well in fact Samanthas going to have her baby tommorrow so there will be a new baby in the family. Kori is about to give birth also. I hope all is going well for the rest of you. Hunting is coming up so i am looking forward to it. Grandpa would want all of his family to continue doing what we love. I know that i will see him again. Lots of love to all of ya.

Monday, September 29, 2008

grandpa Harris

In my last post i told u about my grandpa. Well after i wrote that post on Sept 27th my grandpa passed away. We all knew it was coming but we did think it would be that soon. We all thought we had 2 months with him. We are all holding up as well as we can. We are mainly focusing on Grandma. I will be staying with her for a while when everthing is finished. He had acute lukemia. The doctor said that it was the lukemia that no one survives. Dad was gonna bring him hom today, but as the top says it didnt happen. Only 10% of his blood cells in his lungs were healthy. The other 90% was cancer.

P.S. Grandma i love u.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trip to Cedar City

My mom and I went to cedar on last thursday to visit my sister Kori and her husband. We took Samantha's kids with us so she could relax for a while before the baby comes. Marilyn and her kids come over too. We had a blast visiting with them and canning. It was so much fun to have some time off of work. We wil go back over there when Kori has her baby. When We got home though we found out that my Grandpa Harris( Thurman) was sent to St. Mary's. He has been sick alot lately. We just found out that he has lukemia. My Grandma is over there with him. Well that is all. Marilyn i had a lot of fun with you and your kids. Sorry i have waited this long to post i will try to do better on posting.